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Official Statement From Ayana Parsons on June 3rd Ruling in the AAER vs. Fearless Court Case

From the Office of Ayana Parsons:


I am beyond disappointed with today’s ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in the American Alliance for Equal Rights’ (AAER) versus Fearless federal court case. The court's decision against Fearless Fund and the Fearless Foundation is a setback for women of color and all marginalized communities.


While I have never been involved in the Fearless Foundation, when I co-founded the Fearless Fund in 2019, I did so with immense pride. My years helping to build the first venture capital firm founded by women of color for women of color was both hard work and “heart” work for me. And, while I am no longer affiliated with the Fearless Fund’s operations, I will continue to cheer the firm’s ongoing efforts to fight for those whom the system seems determined to keep down.


As a Black woman who has had to fight tooth and nail for her own success, my message is this:

We CANNOT wait for some higher court or political body to grant us a path to economic freedom. If we must attain that ourselves with both hands tied behind our back, then that is what we will do. Because when you’ve built a life that neither Ed Blum or his anti-DEI agenda can disrupt, that’s the real flex. That's the American Dream.


Despite today’s ruling, I am focused now more than ever on helping others achieve that dream. And though it may require new ways of thinking, doing, and being, failure is not an option. Because only when we are challenged and empowered to realize our full potential are we truly FREE.


Be Blessed,

Ayana Parsons

Image by Kenrick Mills

"If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else."

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